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Inspired by the most classical PONG GAME and the most popular table-top game FOOSBALL, Fooscade incorporates their game & interaction mechanics and creates a never-seen-before arcade experience...

Featured on Alt.Ctrl.GDC 2023, Super MagFest 2024

Responsive Tale

An immersive mix reality + haptic experience, Responsive Tale is a hardware platform for future storytelling...

Feature on 2023 MIT Reality HackMuseum of Moving Image


Body movements play an important role in musical performance. How can posture further enhance musical expression? How can AI be integrated into the co-creation process?


By analyzing the biological structure of Hexactinellida in Porifera, design strategies are applied to an innovative mechanical structure of breakwater. This construction enhances the heterogeneity of the intertidal artificial landscape, and creates an integrative boundary between marine life and human.

The Ambience

A lighting aesthetic of parameter and morphology...