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About Me

Hong == 華弘 (he/him) is a product designer && creative technologist. He has a background in industrial design and currently focuses on creating interaction experience that combines software and hardware, virtual and physical. His design practices are across the fields of [“design and fabrication of interior furnitures”, “design and development for interactive installations”, “ID plus UX design for consumer electronic products”, “mechanical design for tangible interfaces”].

He holds a bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University studies product design, and a master's degree from Parsons School of Design, studied Design & Technology. He is continuing to work as an adjunct professor at Parsons. Also, he is working on multiple freelancing projects.



Email - studiohuahong@gmail.com
LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/studiohuahong
Instagram - @studiohuahong
Behance - Hong Hua