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Responsive Tale

>>>Collabrative Project: Hong Hua (Creative Technologist), Trey Bradley, Rina kim
>>>Recognition: 2023 MIT Reality Hack, Hardware: Impact! Prize
>>>Recognition: 2023 Story in Motion, Museum of Moving Image
>>>Recognition: 2023 AWE, Reality Hack, Inc.

>>>Tools: Unity, ESP32, Rhinoceros, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting

Responsive Tale is a multimodal augmented reading experience to improve engagement and provide an immersive storytelling experience. Through the mixed reality headset with virtual visuals, the user interacts with customized haptic feedback hardware which has the shape of a physical book. Virtual images, text, models, and animations are tracked in real time on physical hardware. When the user is detected reading a specific element on the page, a haptic feedback pattern will be triggered. 

This project is intended to explore immersion beyond only virtual, adding an additional physical layer to mixed-reality experiences.

Responsive Tale was born on 2023 MIT Reality Hack, and won the prize of Hardware:Impact! [The team that demonstrates the most real world impact for their device (choose a target audience that would use your device) Some examples of impact: bringing XR accessibility to more people via custom hardware, or making a cool VR device that will push the VR industry forward in some way (you decide how)]. This project was also presented at Stories in Motion, Museum of the Moving Image.

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