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>>>Client: VIVAIA
>>>Agency: Qwarch Studio

VIVAIA launched its first US physical retail pop-up in New York City's iconic SoHo at 89 Crosby from October 10th to October 22nd, 2023. We collaborated with the brand to craft the interior design of the store to convey a sense of subtle warmth and tactile pleasure, aligning with the unique sensation of wearing our shoes. We also incorporated recycled fabric and wood from previous projects into our display system, echoing VIVAIA's ethos of repurposing materials into something both functional and beautiful. Despite the ephemeral nature of a pop-up store, our aim is to offer a lasting brand experience, leaving a memorable impression on anyone who steps inside.

-VIVAIA Pop-up Interior

-VIVAIA Pop-up Interior

-VIVAIA Pop-up Custom Made Installation & Rack

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