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The Ambience

2020 / Tsinghua University
>>>Individual Project
>>>Instructor: Professor Liu Zhensheng

>>>Tools: Rhinoceros, Keyshot, Adobe Creative Suit

The Ambience is a contemporary floor lamp design. The defining concepts for the Ambience is to present parametric, architectural, and dynamic aesthetics. This product is consisted from machined stainless steel and transpatrent synthetic materials. Digitally controlled LED bulbs provide a variety of illumination atmospheres. It is also an attempt to find a delicate balance between form, material, and light.

-The Ambience

-The Ambience


Design Process

Order, structure, balance, tension, and how light accentuates these features.

-Inspiration Board

I experimented with dynamic shade design, but eventually discarded this overly complicated solution and focused on the expression of material’s tension.

-CAD Iterations

-Frame Structure / Size

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