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2021 / Parsons School of Design
>>>Individual Project
>>>Instructor: Rae Yuping Hsu
>>>Recognition: 2023 Auto-Organics: Robots for a Living Earth //PIXELMOUTH

>>>Tools: ESP32, Rhinoceros, Laser Cutting

Are humans the only inhabitants of the city? When the population of rats has surpassed the population of humans, who is the higher priority in this space? Who is more entitled to privileges?

Donna Haraway introduced three breakdowns at the beginning of the Cyborg Manifesto: the breakdown of boundaries between human and animal, organism and machine, and physical and non-physical.

This is a Cyborg experiment about perception extension. This project applies physical computing to translate the perception of rat whiskers into the human sense of haptic. When the user wears this headset, the ultrasonic sensors will detect the distance in four directions, while the servos around the eyebrows and cheekbones will apply pressure to the skin to indicate the distance to the target.

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