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Design Strategy of Modular Wearable E-Textile

2022 / Parsons School of Design
>>>Individual Project
>>>Instructor: Liza Stark

>>>Tools: ESP32, Fabric Work, Rhinoceros

This project designed a method for rapid prototyping of modular wearable e-textile. It focuses on optimizing the stability and accessibility of hardware-debugging. This method includes the selection of the base, the connection structure, and the circuit design.

This example uses the material properties of Eontex: the change in resistance through stretching deformation. This device creates different notes by combining gestures, and controls the volume level by calculating the average stretch level.

I set up an ESP32 as a Bluetooth keyboard, connect it to a p5.js sketch, and generate sound through the p5.sound library. The Eontex sensors between the fingers are connected to the stitching circuit board, and the connected parts are made of conductive snaps. This stitching circuit board is designed in CAD software and 3D printed. The holes allow conducted thread to go through the board and hold different components. Finally the entire board is placed on a wrist sleeve through snaps, which isolates the human skin from the exposed wires.

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