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2023 / Selected Works with Deeplocal

During the summer of 2023, I worked as a creative technologist / experiential design intern at Deeplocal. I have been involved in the design and development process of several projects, assisting teams with concepting, 3D modeling and visualization, plus supporting software development.

Unpublished projects are not shown here due to the NDA, for more information please contact me.

Google Whasington D.C.

Deeplocal partnered with Google on a series of interactive demos at their Washington D.C. office:

UNITED STATES OF YOUTUBE - Push tactile, custom-made, state-shaped buttons to navigate through on-screen content. Learn how small business owners nationwide use YouTube to reach wider audiences and boost sales.

SAFER WITH GOOGLE - See how Google protects against ransomware and other cyber attacks, across a variety of critical infrastructures in the US – choose any industry, and watch as the map activates with unique, illustrative light displays.

- Google Whasington D.C.

- Google Whasington D.C.


Google Cloud tapped Deeplocal as a creative tech partner for the Google Cloud Next ’23 conference in San Francisco. We worked with Google Cloud on a variety of customer story booths and product demos in the AI Innovation Space.

GOOGLE CLOUD X DEUTSCHE BANK - Attendees explored different ways Google Cloud’s AI boosts productivity and business capabilities. Ticker displays showed off Deutsche Bank’s translation technology powered by generative AI agents. By turning a dial, common call center queries instantly switched languages before guests’ eyes. Other highlights...

- Google Cloud X Deutsche Bank at Could Next 2023

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